Layne Leonard Memorial Match


ELGC is proud to host our 3rd annual fundraiser match to honor the memory of our dear friend Layne, his passion for our club and to the action shooting sports. Proceeds to go to his favorite charities.

This match, as Layne was, is all about having fun, camaraderie and good sportsmanship, and little about serious competition. We will still keep score but the only prize for the top shooters is bragging rights. The big prize will be a special trophy for the person that has the most fun and is the most sportsmanlike. At the end of the day everyone will be a winner as there will be a large prize table with something for everybody. Prizes will be awarded by random draw at the end of the match.

The match will consist of the following stages:

  • 2 IDPA stages
  • 2 Steel Challenge stages
  • Shotgun – 5 Stand Sporting clays (Shotgun and ammo supplied)
  • Precision 22lr rifle. (Rifle and ammo supplied) Some lucky person will take this rifle home with them.
  • Competition rules will be relaxed without compromise to firearm safety.

In keeping with the spirit of having fun, shooters can choose any firearm to shoot any of the action stages from the list below. For example, you could shoot a 22LR rifle on Steel Challenge stage and then a centerfire pistol on an IDPA stage.

You will need at least 3 magazines, 5 is best for Steel Challenge.

22LR pistol
22LR rifle
Pistol Caliber Carbine
Centerfire Pistol

Sights can be irons or optics
Semi Auto or Bolt Action but no tube fed magazines

Some Range Rules

NO magnum calibers.
Rifles must be chamber flagged and carried weak hand muzzle up
You may shoot centrefire pistols from the low ready or the holster (must be holster qualified)

Rimfire pistols may be shot from low ready only
Pistols not holstered must be boxed/bagged at all times except at the firing line.
These and other range rules to be discussed at safety brief prior to the start of the match

MAIN EVENT – SUNDAY August 21, 2022 – START TIME 9:30 AM. 

Registration now open