New Emergency Gate installed

We have installed an emergency exit/entrance gate at ELGC. The purpose of this new gate is to allow exit/entrance, in the event of a power failure or serious gate malfunction. 

The gate is secured with a combination lock. The combination is available through any member of the Club executive. If you need to use the Emergency Gate, call one of the Executive at the numbers below and you will be given a one-time use combination, for the Emergency Gate.

Your access fob is still intended to be your primary key to club property. The Emergency Gate is not to be used because you forgot your fob. 

Peter Turnbull (Range Operator) 705 382 2184

Denis Tremblay (Range Facilities Manager) 705 562 4567

Chris Nicolson (Vice President) 705 384 5252

Don Preston (Vice President) 705 384 5368

Greg Kallies (Secretary/Treasurer) 705 636 7935

Mary Jane Ewens (President) 705 644 3496