5-Stand at ELGC

5-Stand is a clay target shooting sport that is fun and challenging to any shot gunner. 5-Stand consists of five different shooting stations arranged in line with each other. It starts with up to five shooters; one at each station. Each shooter gets to shoot at five different target presentations from each station. A full round consists of 25 targets per shooter.

Multiple “traps” are used on the 5-Stand field. Each trap throws a clay target in a unique presentation that simulates running rabbits to springing teal. Targets are also thrown in incoming, outgoing, quartering-away, quartering-in and other angled patterns.

5-Stand is very popular at ELGC, new shooters are welcome and encouraged to try our 5-Stand course. Our staff and members are always happy to help you learn the game.

Please check the club calendar for more details: https://eaglelakegunclub.ca/events/.