All ranges including the Indoor Range closed by Emergency Orders (Covid-19) of Province of Ontario

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Recreational amenities

4.  (1)  Each person responsible for an indoor or outdoor recreational amenity that is not in compliance with this section, and that is not a facility for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness activities that is permitted to open under section 48 of Schedule 2, must ensure that it is closed.

(2)  The following outdoor recreational amenities may open if they are in compliance with subsection (3):

1. Parks and recreational areas.

2. Baseball diamonds.

3. Batting cages.

4. Soccer, football and sports fields.

5. Tennis, platform tennis, table tennis and pickleball courts.

6. Basketball courts.

7. BMX parks.

8. Skate parks.

9. Golf courses and driving ranges.

10. Frisbee golf locations.

11. Cycling tracks and bike trails.

12. Horse riding facilities.

13. Shooting ranges, including those operated by rod and gun clubs.

14. Ice rinks.

15. Tobogganing hills.

16. Snowmobile, cross country ski, dogsledding, ice skating and snow shoe trails.

17. Playgrounds.

18. Portions of parks or recreational areas containing outdoor fitness equipment.

(3)  An outdoor recreational amenity described in subsection (2) may only open if,

(a) any person who enters or uses the amenity maintains a physical distance of at least two metres from any other person who is using the amenity;

(b) team sports are not practised or played within the amenity;

(c) other sports or games that are likely to result in individuals coming within two metres of each other are not practised or played within the amenity; and

(d) any locker rooms, change rooms, showers and clubhouses remain closed, except to the extent they provide access to equipment storage, a washroom or a portion of the amenity that is used to provide first aid.

Museums, etc.

5.  Museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos, science centres, landmarks, historic sites, botanical gardens and similar attractions must be closed to members of the public.