Happy New Year!

On Behalf of the membership of ELGC wishing each and everyone continued Health and Happiness for 2019.
As we continue to grow let’s make safety and responsibility always our first choice.

2018 was a great year with many good improvements to Your CLUB
And hope we can continue and prosper for this upcoming year.

And let’s stand up for our rights as law abiding ,firearm owners and educate those who don’t understand.

Your 2018 executive has and will continue to work hard to the best of their abilities.

We look forward to future growth and improvements.

This years agenda to include finishing the 500 yard and get it operational for late spring early summer.
Increased course development and widening for our Biathalon group.
We now have a groomer which will greately aid in this.
Continued good maintenance and improvements on our existing ranges so the CFO regulations are met in advance of annual inspections.

Improved trap range disciplines.
Continued IDPA competitions.
Shooters Rendezvous 2019, the last Saturday in April, (April 27 2019)
at the Sundridge Strong Joly arena.
As always we will be looking for and calling on volunteer help from the membership to execute these plans.

Thank you for your support and good fellowship.
Let’s keep ELGC a progressive and friendly club to belong to.